Puyukitchum/Ipai/Mexican American Indian native James Luna is a powerful force in performance art today. In this lecture you will not only see his work but also experience his take on performance and installation artworks with monologues, visual examples and perform some antics.  He has 30 years of artworks to choose  from to view his artistic, social and political commentary and his push to develop and expand his work.  Don’t be fooled that he is a nice Indian “Story teller” as his stories are both humorous and painful at the same time. The stories are more than about Indian people alone but about the strife, misconceptions and co-modification of ethnicity in America. Luna deals with the realities of race from an insider view.

“Using fearless self-disclosure, he peels off the scab nicely to confront presumptions held by Indians and non-Indians alike about you.”

Appropriate venue lecture hall with dimmable lights , sound and video projection.

In addition Mr. Luna can provide 2 day workshops on performance for 6-10 students. They will be required to complete a performance assignment on the second day. Hour required. Students should bring a meaningful object and wear comfortable clothing. Venue would be a large open space such as a classroom or multiple purpose room It would be for the exclusive use of workshop and be clean, comfortable, lighted space. Water and juice should be available.