I asked and was granted permission from the noted First Nations curator and artist, Wanda Nanibush to reference her then current exhibition titled, “The Fifth World” and rendered it to “De Fifth World”.  The title of her show narrative so struck me as profound and frightening.

The Fifth World also refers to the Hopi prophecy of an impending choice between unbalance destruction and conflict or thinking with our hearts in harmony with nature. There are many similar prophecies among the First Nations of Turtle Island (North amerika).

This exhibition is a premier of new artwork with the exception of “We Become” which was created a few years ago but I though fit into this new series quite nicely.  The works are independent but their logic and messages come together in multimedia installation.  I am not a photographer nor do I consider myself a video artist as I rely on talented people in their field and people who share a sense of place in this world I conjure up.  

Luna world is a whirling mass of Pop culture icons and visions all falling between Miles Davis, Abstract Impressionism. Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits, and Lucinda Williams and De Angelo and Merle Haggard.

“I’m not trying to make sense of the world, but make sense in it….”



Performagraphic is James Luna's first survey of photographic works.  The collection spaces a period of photographic works and accompanying objects created between 1994-2015 referencing his artistic career of over 30 years.

Approaching his work head on, with biting humor and irony, his powerful works transform the gallery space into a battlefield, where the audience is confronted with the nature of cultural identity, the tensions generated by cultural isolation, and the dangers of cultural misinterpretations from an Indigenous perspective. Performagraphic is more a lesson in expressive bodywork than that of standard photography presentation.

The viewer finds the merging of his performance ideals into photographic stills that exist as much more than documentation but rather stand alone images addressing cultural identity, representation/history and the spiritual world. 

Amerika Red

This is a limited edition artwork, each cap is of an original beadwork design.  Half of the sale proceed will be donated to Water Protectors Legal Defense Fund.